2024 Registrations Online

Volunteers – Please view this important video on registering.

  1. You must have a Working With Children’s Check
  2. You must be properly accredited.
  3. All Yellow shirt trainers MUST do the online LeagueSafe course again in 2024 to stay accredited
  4. Yellow Shirts must register as LeagueSafe Trainer. Do not Register as Sports Trainer unless properly accredited and a Level 1 Sports Trainer (Blue Shirt or Green Shirt) 
  5. All volunteers must do the  Child Protection Course
  6. See our accreditation page for information and courses HERE

Registration open

Family Discounts

Available for three or more regos please contact regos@gymeajrlfc.com PRIOR to registering to gain your discount code (we can’t discount if you have already registered)

Shorts & Socks

Free Shorts and socks for new players in Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8 

2024 Girls Tackle

Girls that play both codes (tackle & League Tag) only pay one rego

Active Kids

Active Kid vouchers are accepted but there is a strict no return policy, so please make sure to include in your rego as we can’t redo at a later stage if you forget to use it


Click the image below to read about the changes 

For 2024 Season Registrations – Make sure to click on “Gymea Gorllias Cronulla/Sutherland JRL”

Season 2024 Registration Fees

Rugby League (Male & Female)

Under 6

NSWRL guidelines is tag all season for this age group

Under 7

NSWRL guidelines is tag until mid season

Under 8

Mini Rugby League

Under 9

Mod Rugby League

Under 10 to 12

Mod Rugby League

Under 13 to 18

International Rugby League


League Tag

Under 6 to 18

Girls League Tag

Over 35s

Mens League tag


Senior Players – 19yrs and above

Please contact regos@gymeajrlfc.com

How To Register

Registration is completed ONLINE ONLY. The club is planning registration info day, dates to be announced soon If you have any questions regarding registrations please contact regos@gymeajrlfc.com.

Step 1
Click on the “Register Now” button to take you directly to our Gymea JRLFC registration page on “Play Rugby League”.
Step 2
  • Make sure to expand the page using the down arrow on the right, then click “register” to begin
  • You will be prompted to logon to your NRL account. If you do not have an existing NRL account you will be able to create one during the registration process.
Step 3
  • Login to your NRL account and select the participant you wish to register, or click “add new participant”.
  • Once logged in any participant previously registered in the old system with that email will already be linked to your account and ready to register.
Step 4
  • Complete the registration form. ensuring you select the correct “Type of Registration” . E.g. If registering to play Rugby League select “Player Tackle” , or “Player League Tag” if registering for League Tag.
  • There is a drop down menu on the right of screen as indicated by the red box in image below. Use this to select the type of registration.
All registered players are subject to our Grading policy. Read our Grading policy here

Important Notes

  • If you have registered in previous seasons, please use the same email as last year.
  • If creating a new NRL account use the same email you used in registration last year. This is to ensure previous participant historyis available.
  • If you do not remember your password use the “forgot password” link to reset. It will email you a reset link.
  • If you do not get the email to reset, then it means you do not have an existing NRL account. In this case you will need to create your NRL account. REMEMBER to use the same email as last years registration (if you registered last year)

New Players

Please upload a passport style photo showing head and top of shoulders of the player you are registering and a copy of your Birth Certificate. This will speed up the registration process.


For those players wishing to transfer from another club, please register with Gymea first. Click yes when the system asks if you wish to transfer. Then follow the prompts. If you have any issues with transfers please contact regos@gymeajrlfc.com.

Active Kids

The NSW government provides active kids vouchers. Click on LEARN MORE for information about Active kids. The voucher can be used when registering your child to play Rugby League with Gymea JRLFC.

You MUST apply for the Active kids voucher prior to registering so that you can use the voucher during the registration process.


Click ACTIVE KIDS to get your Active kids voucher.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to ALL our generous sponsors for supporting us. Please consider our sponsors when purchasing goods & services