About Gymea JRLFC

We are proud to be a vital part of the Sutherland Shire community since our founding year in 1962

Known as “The Gorillas”, we are one of the largest clubs in the Shire with over 600 registered players, 150 plus volunteers and  55 teams teams from Under 6 to Open Age Rugby League, Girls League tag and Mens Over 35 League Tag

We promote strong community values, based on respect, sportsmanship, and family. It’s not all about winning and losing. It is about learning and growing, promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle while learning the skills of Rugby League and the opportunity to gain life-long friendships that few other sports can offer.

Our Club is run by very passionate volunteers, men and women who are dedicated to working hard to uphold our club’s culture and develop Rugby League in the Shire. We firmly believe the sport of Rugby League brings people, families and the community together. Boys and Girls start playing with Gymea from four years old and we are proud to be part of their formative years while never losing our focus on the kids. Striving to ensure all players from U6 to A Grade get an equal go on the field.

With a proud history, many great Rugby League players were Gorillas, including the late Cronulla and Australian Kangaroos Captain Greg Pierce. Former Sharks Captains David Hatch and Greg Nixon. Current Australian and Kangaroos Captain Boyd Cordner played a few seasons at Gymea along with many others who played First Grade and NRL. Full list of former Gymea players

As a community based sporting organisation we welcome all to Gymea JRLFC. We work hard to ensure every registered player and their families are part of the club through regular social gatherings in our Clubhouse and events during the season.

Come down to our home ground, known as the “The Gorilla Pit” any weekend during the season and you will find a vibrant, fun and welcoming environment for kids to play the great sport of Rugby League

Be Part Of Our Family

Executive & Committee

All Gymea JRLFC Executive and committee members are volunteers who are passionate about the game of Rugby League, the club and developing the game in our local community. We are dedicated to providing all players and their families with the best possible experience participating in community based junior sport.

Jordan Moyle

Jordan Moyle


Scott Miller

Scott Miller


Steve Coffey

Steve Coffey


Brendan McNamara

Brendan McNamara

Asst Secretary

Grant Smith

Grant Smith

Senior VP

Daniel Walsh

Daniel Walsh

Junior VP

Jo Hardy

Jo Hardy

Junior VP (League Tag & Female Tackle)

Office Bearers

Sponsorship     Luke Kemp
Registrations    Lisa Coffey
Social Secretary    Vacant
Merchandise    Chris Brown
Social Media    Mark Hartley
Coaching & Grading    Vacant
Child Protection    Bev Herbert
Canteen    TBA
Licensee    Keith O’Grady

General Committee

Darren Stephens

Peter Hadfield

Paul McCormack

Alex Phillis

Sallie Wilson

Glenn Wilson

Brendan Hodge

Dean Bladdon

Joanne Hartley

Sanderson Hartley

Ken Ayling

Sarah Catlett

Wade Horsnell

Tony Ash

David Gumley

Matt Habojan

Grant Oldroyd

Kieron Moore

Foundation Members

I Anderson, E Dowling, P Hutchins, G Perry, W Anderson, R Dowling, P Illet, G Pike, L Barrett, R Doutty, B Joyce, J Pike, F Battersby, E Dries, L Judd, E Preston, J Battersby, I Evans, C Keep, W Price, N Berkley, T Evans, J.E King, J Riley, T Betteridge, N Fouracre, J.S King, R Riley, G Brook, W Fraser, J Kirkby, R Robinson, J Buttonshaw, M Froggatt, J Larson, J Schromberg, P Chambers, M Glass, R Larson, D Scott, J Champion, R Glass, H Ludewig, R Scott, P Champion, K Gough, C Lay, J Secombe, T Cliff, B Gower, J McDonald, F Scott, R Clifford, Y Gower, R McDonald, K Taylor, R Condon, P Grant, J McLean, N Tennent, P Craford, A Grealy, R Manser, F Trevethan, T Daly, J Hackney, T Moore, W Trevethan, L Davis, D Hadfield, W Murphy, R Vassallo, R Davis, J Heenan, D Mutch, B Whitall, B Davison, P Heenan, H Newton, B Wilson, J Davison, P Herbert, A Nixon, D Winterbottom, J De Diana, P Hooles, G Nixon, R Wright, S Dickinson, E Hoare, F O’Brien, N Whitaker, K Dolan, K Howland, W Parker, M Whitaker, A Watson, A Walkom, M Chipindale, M Knox

Life Members

1973   R McInnes, T Froggatt

1974   M Kirk

1975   G Brook

1976   F Battersby

1977   R Glass, R Riley, L Judd

1978   T Daly

1979   D Scott

1981   A Prince

1982   W Murphy

1983   K Gough, T Evans, W Trevethan

1984   N Berkley, T Cliff, J Pike, R Davis

1985   B McConnel

1987   T Bagnall, K Howland

1989   T Wenham

1990   G Edkins

1991   P Hadfield

1993   N Robson

1995   J Lintmeijer

1997   C Martin

1999   G Jamieson

2001   G Phillips, M Stubbs, P Townsend, S Williams

2003   G Wynn, G Ward, G Clay

2004   P Murray, B Fleming

2005   J McNamara, C Whitaker, J Foster

2006   P Smith, M Brown

2007   M Marton, D Tapping

2008   I McInnes, R Childerhouse, S Robbie, M McNamara, C Diener

2009   M Heenan, R Willis, P Habojan, D Ollerenshaw

2010   K O’Grady

2011   P Lynch, T Johnson, N Folaumoeloa

2012   C Allen, G Mortlock, L Phillips, R Brewer

2014   J Allen, M Smith, N Irving

2015   A. Herbert

2016   J. Hardy

2017  M McLaughlin

2018 G Ferrow

2019 P Donaghy, J O’Brien

2020 J Whittiker

2022 T Ash, S Field, S Budd, D Stephens, G Wood

2023 Alex Phillis, Shaun Dooley


Office Bearers (President, Secretary & Treasurer)

1962 W Carrick, M Burgess

1963 R Hathaway, T Allen, H Clinan

1964 L Cunningham, C Worthington, H Clinan

1965 T Froggatt, C Worthington, F Todd & J Scaife

1966 T Froggatt, C Worthington, J Scaife

1967 R McInnes, G Brook, J Scaife

1968 R McInnes, G Brook, T Froggatt

1969 R McInnes, G Brook, T Cliff

1970 R McInnes, G Brook, T Froggatt

1971 R McInnes, G Brook, J Pike

1972 R McInnes, G Brook, J DeDiana

1973 F Battersby, C Worthington, J DeDiana

1974 F Battersby, K Todd, J DeDiana

1975 F Battersby, R Riley, J Pike

1976 F Battersby, R Riley, J Pike

1977 F Battersby, R Riley, K Robson

1978 F Battersby, R Riley, K Robson

1979 F Battersby, R Riley, K Robson

1980 F Battersby, R Riley, K Robson

1981 N Berkley, R Riley, K Robson

1982 N Berkley, R Riley, T Cliff

1983 N Berkley, R Riley, T Cliff

1984 N Berkley, T Bagnall, T Cliff

1985 N Berkley, T Bagnall, K Gough

1986 N Berkley, T Bagnall, K Gough

1987 N Berkley, T Bagnall, K Gough

1988 P Hadfield, T Bagnall, K Gough

1989 P Hadfield, T Bagnall, D Crawford

1990 G Edkins, T Bagnall, Mrs S Howland

1991 G Edkins, T Bagnall, Mrs S Howland

1992 G Edkins, T Bagnall, Mrs S Howland

1993 G Edkins, D Keene, P Rehmie

1994 G Edkins, D Keene, P Rehmie & G Jamieson

1995 S Williams, M Stubbs, G Jamieson

1996 S Williams, M Stubbs, G Jamieson

1997 S Williams, M Stubbs, G Jamieson

1998 S Williams, M Stubbs, G Jamieson

1999 S Williams, P Murray, G Jamieson

2000 S Williams, P Murray, J Foster

2001 S Williams, P Murray, A Hughes

2002 S Williams, P Murray, A Hughes

2003 S Williams, P Murray, P Mitchell

2004 R Willis, P Murray, P Mitchell

2005 R Willis, P Murray, P Mitchell

2006 R Willis, P Murray, P Mitchell

2007 R Willis, P Murray, P Habojan

2008 P Murray, M Heenan, P Habojan

2009 P Murray, C Diener, P Habojan

2010 P Murray, C Diener, B Fleming

2011 C Allen, G Mortlock, B Fleming

2012 C Allen, G Mortlock, L Schreuder

2013 C Allen, G Mortlock, B Herbert

2014 C Allen G Mortlock B Herbert

2015 C Allen, D Stephens, B Herbert

2016 C Allen, D Stephens, B Herbert

2017 C Allen, D Stephens, S Coffey

2018 C Allen, T Ash, S Coffey

2019 C Allen, T Ash, S Coffey

2020 C Allen, T Ash, S Coffey

2021 S Dooley, G Wilson, S Coffey

A Proud History

2022 will herald 60 straight seasons of footy at Gymea JRLFC.

Office Bearers (President, Secretary & Treasurer)
Noted Former Players & Coaches (played 1st grade/NRL)

Many of these noted players started their Rugby League careers at Gymea. Others may have played a season or two or even just a handful of games. Gymea also had many former noted players who coached and contributed in many other ways, not just on the field. If you know of more players that either played or coached at Gymea, please let us know. Send an email to results@gymeajrlfc.com. We would love to hear from you.

Read about some former players here

Greg Pierce

David Hatch

Greg Nixon

Steve Hardy (player & coach)

Ryan Girdler

Cliff Lyons

Eric Grothe

Boyd Cordner

Scott Bowen (represented Wallabies)

Brett Howland (Payer and coach)

Mitch Brown

Josh Hannay

Cody Ramsey

Bryson Goodwin

Reg Gasnier (coach)

John Riley (coach)

Brian Clay (coach)

Barry Beath (coach)

Graeme Wynn (coach)

Carl Steele (coach)

John Bailey (coach)

George Moroko (coach)

Col Ward (coach)

Ian Forrest (coach)

Allan Fallah (coach)

Mark Coyne (coach)

Steve Hyde

Mark Wakefield

Ian Forrest

Ian Herron (coach)

Our Sponsors

Thank you to ALL our generous sponsors for supporting us. Please consider our sponsors when purchasing goods & services