Coach & Trainer Accreditation

Coach Accreditation Requirements

Coaches MUST be accredited for the age group they have applied to coach. Accreditation generally expires after three years.

New coaches MUST  complete the online learning module specific for the age group they are coaching. Once the eLearning module is completed  you are accredited until June 30 2023. To complete the accreditation, coaches Must book and attend a face-to-face Workshop that corresponds to the age-specific eLearning module.

League Tag must complete the age-specific eLearning module for tackle Rugby League and complete the additional league tag eLearning module. League Tag coaches must also attend a face-to-face workshop

The Club will remiburse you for the cost of the course,

Any questions regarding coach training and accreditation please contact

Book a Coach Face-to-Face Workshop in 2023

If you have completed an eLearning module you must book and attend a face-to-face workshop before the June 30 deadline to stay accredited. If you do not complete te workshop you will no longer be able to coach the team

Trainers – NRL On-field Policy & Accreditation

  • All Ages must have a Trainer. Minimum requirement is LeagueSafe elearning accreditation (Yellow Shirt)
  • Under 13 to Under 15 Must have a first responder per team. Minimum requirements is League First Aid Accreditation (Green Shirt)
  • Under 16 up Must have a first responder per team. Minimum requirements is Level 1 Sports Trainer  Accreditation (Blue Shirt)

Click to see the summary of on-field Sport Trainer Policy

LeagueSafe Trainer Accreditation(Yellow Shirt)

First Responder Accreditation (Green & Blue Shirt)


Click on the links below to book a course

Corea Road  8 to 10 May  – LFA/Level 1 Sports trainer NOW ONLINE

CPR – Monday 8th May 

League First Aid (Green shirt) – Monday 8 May and Wed 10th May 

Leave 1 Sports Trainer – All three nights 

Level 1 Reaccreditation – Monday 8th May and Wednesday 10th Amy 

Caringbah 4 and 5 May – Day course – Very Limited spots left 


League First Aid

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Level 1 Sports Trainer (Reaccreditation)

Level 2 Sports Trainer 

Engadine Courses 26 April to 3 May – Evening course – Limited spots available 

League First Aid 

Level 1 Sports Trainer

Level 1 – Reaccreditation 

Level 2 – Reaccreditation

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