Sunday 12 March 2023

The Gymea Hotel invite you to attend sponsors day on Sunday 12 March from 12.30pm.

  • Free BBQ from 12.30pm
  • A couple of free drinks at the bar
  • Featuring the Tim Tszyu world title fight.
  • Featuring the Gymea Hotel regular promotion – Sundayze  live music and DJ

As a sponsor of Gymea JRLFC the Gymea Hotel offers the benefits of the Monty’s rewards app to all that are affiliated with our club.

Download the app on your phone before you arrive and the Hotel staff will assist you to get the Monty’s rewards app set up. Then use the app  to make purchases at the Gymea Hotel and  start receiving rewards.

You will also be supporting the club with rebates going back to Gymea JRLFC on all purchases made using the Monty’s reward app

Click on the images below to visit Gymea Hotel and the Monty’s reward app


Anzac Day At the Gymea Hotel – Tuesday 25 April 2023

  • 6am – Dawn Service
  • 10am – Live Music
  • 12pm – Two Up run by Gymea JRLFC
  • More information closer to the event